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The staff members of A.L. Jacobsen Funeral Home, Inc. will guide your family in creating a meaningful ceremony to honor the life and memory of a loved one. A ceremony can be anything you wish it to be: simple or elaborate, traditional or unique. No matter how it's tailored, such a ceremony is an important step in recovering from loss.

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  • Dear Chris, Shawn, Marianne & staff, Thank you so much for once again making such a difficult time so painless and easy on our family. Just like with our dad everything was once again done with such expert professional detail. My father certainly knew what he was doing when he picked Jacobsen's. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. With love * appreciation. ----, -----,-------, & ------
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    The ------ Family , July 03, 2017

  • Dearest Chris, My endless thanks for a superb service you did yesterday. I truly appreciate everything you did. Love, ------- ------- -------
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    -------- , June 12, 2017

  • Dear Chris, Thank you so much for the tree seeding being planted for my husband (------). I truly appreciate your kindness and thank you for all you have done to help our family during the last few years. Losing my son and my husband have been the worst thing to go through. Again my thanks to you and your staff for your caring. Sincerely, -------- -------
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    ------ , November 26, 2016

  • Dear Chris, Marianne and staff, We wish to thank you for making a very difficult time less painful. The viewing was so dignified, befitting our Domenick. The way everything came together in such a short time-the viewing, the video, photo display, arrangements for the mass transportation, etc., was all first class. Even our friends were impressed. Thank you again. Sincerly, -------, -------, and family
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    ------,----- and Family , November 12, 2016

  • Dear Chris, Back in March, my sister ----- very suddenly passed away and you as well as your staff were given the task of insuring that my sisters wake and subsequent funeral were handled professionally. You certainly did that without question and extended to my family professional courtesy far above what we could ask for. My only regret is that it has taken me all of this time to acknowledge in writing my appreciation to you for a job well done. You and I as former and now retired FDNY members were trained to a high standard of saving people and we sort of get use to that. But, when death becomes a personal matter like my sister, it is never easy to accept that she is no longer around to smile and join us at family functions! Please accept this letter as my sincere thanks for making my sisters funeral a fond memory recognizing you and Your staff as the professionals you all are. Be well my brother and again thank you. Sincerely, ----- -------
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    ---- ----- , August 22, 2016

  • Dear Chris, We want to thank you for making ---- funeral arrangements so painless and so easy. We were very lucky that it was you that we dealt with because you truly are a wonderful man. I think about you often because you left quite an impact on me. I am grateful always to you- and still looking forward to doing a few fireball shot with you. xoxoxo, -------
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    ---- ---- , August 22, 2016

  • Dear Chris (and Henry) I wanted to formally thank you for all of your help with my father's cremation and memorial service particularly the "unique request" that you all handled so beautifully. Your willingness to match my sense of humor about the bizaritty was much appreciated. Also, I want to thank you for bringing my grandfather's cremains to Calverton- that was an incredibly kind act and I am grateful he is finally with his wife of 50 plus years. Thank you so much ------ --------
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    ----- ------- , August 22, 2016

  • Dear Chris, Thank you for the Long Islander issue, I appreciate you sending it. Ironically my father had a subscription but that week's edition never arrived. I appreciate all of you help and guidance with my father's service. Best Regards, --- -----
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    --- ----- , August 22, 2016

  • Dear Chris, You have such a compassionate way of making your words sound like you are saying them for the first time. My mom's passing was eased by your genuinely caring manner. Please enjoy a lunch in her memory. Warm regards, -------- Family
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    ------- Family , August 15, 2016

  • My father passed away suddenly in November of 2015 and I cannot thank everyone at your facility for the sensitivity, compassion and professionalism. You all helped our family through an awful time and reminded us of other important details that we needed to address due to my father's passing with such compassion. My friends father passed away recently and I could not believe how many detail's they had to do by themselves while we were fortunate that you took charge and guided us through. thank you again
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    The ---- Family , July 13, 2016

  • Hi Shawn, Since I didn't get to see you I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of us. Everything turned out perfectly thanks to Marianne who got us started selecting cards while we were waiting for Chris to get back from Calverton- so glad we chose Sweet Hollow! Chris was just amazing so professional yet so caring, from our first meeting to the rose on my doorstep to the poem he read it was just perfect. Henry was great too at the wake, driving & even helping me put flowers on our parents graves, you have to be very proud of your staff. I had so many people say how special it was James certainly had a great send off. God bless you all, -----
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    the family of --------- , July 11, 2016

  • Dear Christian, Shawn, Christopher, Thank you for your professionalism, courtesy, great kindness to me at the time of my husband's death. Wile ----- ----- Death was not a surprise, and I had mentally prepared myself for it, there is no real preparation for the actual moment of death. Your immediate arrival at the nursing home, the respect with which you received ------ body, the dignity afforded him in death, gave me so much comfort and peace. Thank you for the attention to detail at ----- burial. I am so very grateful for all you have done. Sincerely, -------- --------
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    -------- Family , July 08, 2016

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